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The Supernatural Investigation Department is a division of the American Federal Beaureau of Investigation operating out of Korea.


Sophia Kang and Evan both hail from America, where the original Supernatural Investigation Department was founded. When their enemy migrated to Korea, so did they. There, they recruited Baram Kang, a paid pyschic, Si Mun Lee, a detective and grandson of the famous shaman Young Ok Yoon, and the reluctant Tenka Hennigquald, a Japanese native with a mysterious past.

Duties & OperationsEdit

The primary function of the organization is to handle cases relating to spirits. Thus, they employ exorcists with the ability to not ony see the ghosts, but combat them. While some, like Baram and Si Mun, seek to do this peacefully, others like Tenka are more inclined to force the spirit's ascension.

The vengeful ghosts they deal with are the product of Somos' control and the influence of the butterflies, making them the organization's main target.

They have full cooperation from the Executive Director of the police and thus, any cases that may fall under their perview, may be cast into their jurisdiction. Although they have been known to work jointly with homicide detectives on occasion.

Notable CasesEdit

For a more in-depth analysis of the cases, see Somos478

  • Ga Yeon Chae: while the organization wasn't officially founded at this time, two of it's members, Tenka and Si Mun engaged this spirit.
  • Hyo Won Kim: Tenka, Baram, and Si Mun all participated in this case, with Sophia working with the police department. This, too, was before the organization was founded.
  • Jung Mi Choi: the first case in which all of the members acted together, with Sophia mainly doing research, and Baram, Tenka, and Si Mun on the front lines.

Notable MembersEdit