Sophia Kang
Race Human, Exorcist
Gender Female
Eyes Brown
Hair Blond
Professional Status
Occupation Special Agent (FBI)
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 001

Sophia Kang is the main female protagonist of SID, and an exorcist currently working with Tenka Hennigquald, Baram Kang, and Si Mun Lee in the Supernatural Investigation Department of the FBI.


Little is known about Sophia's background other than that she used to live in America, working under the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The main task she was assigned with was investigating the Somos478 cases that involved a supernatural group coercing spirits into committing murder and other capital crimes. When the case shifted overseas, Sophia was called to Korea by the Executive Director of the police to further investigate. There, she mobilized a new task force, consisting of herself, Baram, Tenka, and Si Mun.

Sophia also has a known connection with Si Mun´s Grandmother in her childhood years.


Sophia's appearance has been the talk of the police department since her arrival. Nearly every detective and ghost that has happened upon her has recognized her beauty. Some of her traits include her waist-length, wavy blond hair and shimmering brown eyes. She is rarely seen not smiling. Unlike the men she works with, Sophia wears light, earth-toned skirt suits and feminine blouses. She also wears matching heels, making her appear taller than she would otherwise be.


No matter the situation, Sophia keeps a positive demeanor. Even when pointing a gun at Tenka, she smirked and shrugged off his accusations. She is also friendly to spirits, even when seemingly warding them off. Despite her ever-painted-on smile, most of the main characters remark that she makes them feel uncomfortable. She is not above speaking her mind, though, as seen when she provoked Tenka into leaving on their first meeting. She later apologized, but Tenka found her words insincere.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

When Tenka pulled his blade on Sophia, she retaliated by pulling her own weapon, a police-issued hand gun. This indicates that she is not only comfortable handling the firearm, but is more than willing to use it.



Sophia's power as an exorcist is possibly the most effective at warding off spirits. When cornered by a group of them, Sophia, without moving, expelled a bright energy from her body that, according to the ghosts in question, almost made them ascend on contact. She does not wish this power to be known, however, as afterwards, she asked them to "shhh."


On top of that, she can fashion her energy into objects, such as a whip, which has a damaging effect on ghosts, and earned praise from Misael himself.