This article is about the cases, for the organization, see Somos

Somos478 is the name given by the American Federal Bureau of Investigation to a series of supernatural cases revolving in and around America and Korea.


It is unknown how long exactly these case have been occuring for. However, it is known that before the presented themselves in Korea, they were in America. The Supernatural Investigation Department of the time was able to determine that they were the result of a group of individuals, which they also named Somos. When said group caught wind of the the department's relative proximity, they relocated to Korea. The department, however, followed.

The CasesEdit

Ga Yeon ChaeEdit

Ga Yeon Chae was murdered by her father, Hwang Sung Chae in order to pay of his enormous debts. While she was the earthbound spirit, Hwang Sung also killed his wife and Gae Yeon's sister, all from behind with a knife (except for Ga Yeon, which he used a blunt-force object). Then, to cover up his crime, he set his house ablaze (presuambly) to collect insurance money. He was deeply troubled by his actions, and tried to apologize to his dead daughter, but she mercilessly tried to burn him alive, as well. Tenka and Si Mun were able to stop her, but her ascension was against her will. Her last words were that she needed to kill.

Hyo Won KimEdit

Hyo Won Kim was killed by his classmate and former best friend, Tae Hoon Oh. Tae Hoon had always been jealous of Hyo Won's successes, and wanted, for once, to beat him. Unfortunately for Hyo Won, that meant pushing his best friend off of the school's roof. Their other best friend, Young Woo Nam witnessed and recorded the event on his cell phone. While he was initially intimidated by Tae Hoon to keep quiet, with some much needed support by Baram, he was willing to turn over the evidence and help convict Tae Hoon, though because of his status as a minor, his punishment wouldn't be much. Hyo Won's spirit was purified when Si Mun destroyed the butterfly attached to him.


After their confrotnation with Hyo Won, Si Mun and Tenka engaged two members of Somos. Tenka fought against Jack, and was able to get the upper hand, while Si Mun fought the masked man, and his hand was injured in the struggle. The two decided, however, to retreat, saying that the real fight would come soon.

Jung Mi ChoiEdit

Jung Mi Choi was a victim of the serial killer, KapCheoul Sung, as was her husband, Jun Hwan Kim. Both of them are spirit, but while Jun enlists Si Mun's help to bring justice to KapCheoul's accomplice, Police Supervisor Jin Taek Park, Jung has become a vengeful spirit that has begun killing men in elevator shafts (similar to how she was killed). As of yet, the outcome of this case is currently unfolding.