Race Human, Exorcist
Gender Male
Eyes Unknown
Hair None
Professional Status
Occupation Unknown; Affiliated with Somos
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 023

Jack is a member of the mysterious organization, Somos and the only one to be named in the series thus far.


His history is still unknown, except that since he refers to the masked man as "hyung," it is likely that he hasn't been in Somos as long as him.


Jack is a bald African American man who is taller than his partner, and has a much more masculine, muscled structure. He has only been seen with his mask on, so his eye color is unknown. The only outfit he has been seen in is a black cape, black trousers and no undershirt, revealing his chiseled physique.


In terms of personality, Jack most closely resembles Tenka. He was willing to fight with both him and Si Mun even before his partner authorized a battle. He also seems to be protective of him, as when Tenka charged at them, it was Jack who fended off his sword. Like Tenka, he also has a healthy ego, and tends to underrate his opponent's abilities.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

While his true powers have yet to be shown, he was able to fend off Tenka's Nae Jin Tang with only a single fist and deal nearly fatal blows with seemingly no effort. Whether or not this is just his physical abilities, or his supernatural abilities is also still unknown.