Chapter 047


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Si Mun verbally assaults Misael, claiming that using spirits to achieve murder is reprehensible, only for Misael to explain that in order to be effective, one must also be cruel, and reminds Si Mun that he is not his opponent. Just then, Jung Mi Choi's ghost lunges at Si Mun and Sophia uses her whip to restrain her. Then, she realizes that the only way to save the spirit from undue torment is to retrieve her body, which she assumes is under the spot Misael and Jack are standing on.

Meanwhile, Tenka and Baram are met by two opponents of their own, who, because they speak Chinese, are lost terribly in translation. The two are revealed to be siblings, with one being male, and one Tenka assumes to be female. While one faces off against Tenka, the other, an element user, battles Baram. Baram seemingly gleans the upper hand by using Light against him.