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A group of men discuss Jung Mi Choi's dissapearance when Kyung Ho Keum violently puts an end to the gossip. Jin Taek Park observes and tells Kyung Ho not to intervene; it will only complicate the situation more. Kyung Ho leaves, telling Jin Taek that he's cold hearted.

Later, Jun Hwan Kim is going over the details of his wife's dissapearance and concludes that she must've been attacked inside her apartment complex since she was seen going in, but never came home. He convinces himself that since she didn't fit the victim profile and no body was ever found, that she must still be alive.

Kyung Ho comes over to him, bearing a witness' statement saying that a man named KapCheoul was seen both following a woman and walking to his apartment wearing muddied clothes. Jun Hwan remembers Jin Taek talking to a man on the phone named KapCheoul rather forcefully confrotns Jin Taek about it.

Punches are thrown, and Jun Hwan gets the upper hand, taking Jin Taek's cell phone as he receives a call. KapCheoul foolishly gives away his location, asking for a meeting, so Jun Hwan takes Jin Taek's place. Jun Hwan asks KapCheoul about Jung Mi, and he admits that he killed her. Jun Hwan charges him, but with knife in hand, he stabs the detective dead. Jin Taek then arrives at the scene, the very last thing Jun Hwan saw before he died.

In the present, Jun Hwan's ghost is contented that he now has a detective on his side that will help take down Jin Taek.