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After visiting with Sophia, Baram comments to Si Mun and Tenka that she isn't a normal exorcist, citing her ability to perform a Kang Ryung on a hell-bound soul as source for his suspicion. Si Mun then recaps the information they had just received, including the partnership between Jin Taek Park and KapCheoul Sung in which they conspired together to kill Jun Hwan Kim in order to secure Jin's promotion. Afterwards, KapCheoul killed Jung Mi Choi, and Jin betrayed his partner by arresting him. Tenka then tells Si Mun that he needs a break and that he should stop thinking so much about it.

The story then retraces back to Jin Taek Park's time as a detective, with Jung Mi Choi, Jun Hwan Kim, and Kyung Ho Keum. The case their working on involves the dissapearances of women in the 20s, which is speculated to be involved in human trafficking, but in actuality is the beginning of KapCheoul's murder spree.

While Kyung remarks about Jung and Jun's public displays of affection, Jin says that he should leave them alone and let them act like newlyweds. Jun asks if Jin is a bachelor, to which he replies that he is divorced. At that moment, a photo from Jin's wallet slips out onto the floor, and Jun picks it up. Asking if it is Jin's daughter, Jin quickly swipes the photo away and answers a phone call from KapCheoul.

Later, Kyung complains about Jung's being able to go home, while he and Jun have to stay up late on the case. Jun justifies this by explaining that Jung is three weeks pregnant and needs her rest. Jun tries to call Jung, but to now avail. Kyung picks up the phone and tells Jun that they're being dispatched to look at the corpse of the woman who dissapeared the week prior. Jun runs out of the room, pushing past Jin in his wake.