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Baram begins by explaining that the district that Jin Taek Park and KapCheoul Sung lived was vacated after the series of murders. He also wonders if it was KapCheoul who killed Jin's daughter's murderer. He suggests going to her murderer's house to read its imprint, but Si Mun objects, saying that he needn't see such gruesome events taking place. Baram reacts by calling him names and yelling loudly, causing Tenka to interfere and ask him to calm down.

At the same time, Si Mun receives a phone call from Sophia so he meets up with her and explains that the Jin's name was never mentioned in connection with his daughter's death. He was then moved to central where he would never speak about his duaghter or his connection to KapCheol. Sophia suggests this is to cover up his role in the crimes. Si Mun wonders why Jin would arrest KapCheoul if they were partners, causing the others to come to the conclusion that he betrayed KapCheoul. It ends with Sophia suggesting that they call KapCheoul and ask.