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Sophia suggests that the department first investigate Jin Taek Park because in her research, she found that he hailed from the same neighborhood as KapCheoul Sung. Tenka says it's just coincidence, but neither Sophia nor Si Mun are too convinced. She then explains that he had a daughter who died in 1993 and was the one to personally apprehend KapCheoul in 1998, ultimately helping his rise to his current position as supervisor.

Baram, Tenka, and Si Mun ask around, but nobody seems to remember Jin, while they are reluctant to answer questions about KapCheoul. Tenka urges Si Mun to buy him ice cream, with Si Mun refusing, under an old shop owner walks out and gives Tenka a popsicle while telling Si Mun that he remembers both Jin and KapCheoul. He expresses a certain amount of disbelief that KapCheoul was the murderer because he was a hard-working man who worked to support his aging mother. He also reveals that KapCheoul idolized and followed Jin from a young age.

Si Mun asks about Jin's daughter, Saet Byul, and the shop owner admits that she indeed died, but not by disease, as the records indicated. In fact, she was murdered and dismembered.