Chapter 035


Chapter 35
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As Si Mun contemplates Ban Jang Nim's role in the 12-year-old KapCheoul case, the ghost of Jun Hwan Kim appears behind him and tells him that he was murdered. He reveals that he had been watching Si Mun for some time, and has decided that he wants Si Mun to reveal the truth about his death.

Kyung Ho Keum bursts in Supervisor Park's office to ask if one of his staff had been transferred, to which he reveals that the decision came straight from the executive director. Discontented with Kyung Ho's rudeness, Park says that the only reason the new department was created was to solve a case that Kyung Ho's team couldn't manage on their own. He casts half of the blame on Kyung Ho and tells him that the youngest member of his team was the one to be poached. Ban Jang leaves, and both he and Park clench their fists in frustration.

Jun reveals that after being killed by KapCheoul, he lay "asleep" until recently, when he opened his eyes, leaving Si Mun to wonder the reason for his dormancy. Lastly, he asks Si Mun if he knows who has been committing the murders, and Si Mun says that it was someone on the task force, to which Jun replies that Jung Mi Choi, the murderess, was his wife.