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Kang Do Ko is looking for Si Mun at the same time as Kyung Ho Keum when the two cross paths.

Si Mun expresses disbelief that Kyung Ho was a part of the task force, but Sophia confirmed it to be so, and even goes so far to ask if Si Mun is covering for him because he's his team leader. He glares at her, but she replies that the investigation must be done objectively. He also asks if she suspects Kyung Ho, but she says that there are some questions that they need to ask him. She then tells him that his atmosphere is too dark and tells him to be weary of the ghost that they just saw because of his "strong form."

She further explains this by saying that most ghosts are transient, transparent beings like the ones Si Mun sees most places, but the ones with a strong form like the one that they saw have a stronger mental and will power that allow them to corporealize. This makes them more dangerous. She then asks him why he doesn't know more, given that his grandmother was a shaman, and he explains that she sheltered him from her powers when he was younger.

He smiles at the memory, to which Sophia comments that she likes his smile and wishes he would do it more. After noticing her beauty for the first time, Si Mun accidently spills his coffee on her skirt and clumsily tries to clean it up. Sophie then shows him profiles of the detectives on the case, and Si Mun recognizes Jun Hwan Kim as the ghost they had just met, as well as Jung Mi Choi, the ghost from the elevator. Si Mun rushes out to talk to Ban Jang before Sophia can tell him one last thing.