Chapter 023


Chapter 23
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Tenka slashes his way through the elevator door, much to the shock of Baram. They don't see Si Mun in the elevator shaft, but Baram gives Tenka a Ba Juk that should help and Tenka merrily jumps down. Si Mun manages to hold onto a ledge in the shaft but as the ghost is strangling him, he is unable to use his powers. Tenka throws his sword through the ghost and pulls Si Mun up. He then asks Si Mun to grab his sword, but before he can, a butterfly lands atop its hilt. Tenka kicks it and it shatters. Baram then opens up the elevator door and both Tenka and Si Mun step out.

Si Mun wonders if the butterfly's destruction means that the ghost may have regained her senses, but they see another one flying away. They follow it to see it join a swarm of butterflies in the sky.

The butterflies coalescence to a group of shadowed figures, all remarking on the team's abilities, and one man in particular, says that they need to watch over them more.