Chapter 015


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Baram checks his phone and sees that he had one new message, then says "Now we can start."

Tae Hoon is berating Young Woo for making a video, saying that it was bad enough that Hyo Won's spirit reappeared. He continues to threaten Young Woo, repeatedly asking if he wants to die, and then tells Young Woo that now that an exorcist is on his side, Hyo Won's spirit will vanish and he will succeed.

Hyo Won's spirit is inside a classroom repatedly cursing Tae Hoon Oh when Baram appears and asks him to stop hurting innocence people. He thene explains that he has evidence and that he can get him justice. Hyo Won says that that isn't what he wants; he wants to kill Tae Hoon just like Tae Hoon killed him, as well as make Young Woo miserable for allowing it all to happen.

Si Mun and Tenka go to see Young Woo and sees footprints, realizing it couldn't have been a ghost. Si Mun then hurriedly runs to the school with Tenka near behind.

Meanwhile, Young Woo begins climbing a fence, attmpeting to jump off of it, and Hyo won remarks that he wants to die there, too.