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Young Woo Nam is walking home from school, fearing his and Hyo Wan Kim's last encounter when he gets a phone call from Tae Hoon Oh.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Tenka asks Si Mun why they aren't interviewing Young Woo at his house, and Si Mun responds by saying that they need hard evidence before they can act on their suspicions. They are then greeted by Tae Hoon's mother who asks them to keep their interview short and sweet.

Tae Hoon reveals that he has only broken his nose and his left leg, and thanks Si Mun for saving him. He says that the fall was an accident; he leaned out of the window too far and slipped. Si Mun then brings up the horror stories circculating around the school and asks if Hyo Wan Kim was the one responsible for these so called "accidents."

Tae Hoon explains that his best friends were Young Woo and Hyo Won since a young age, and that as they grew older and their classes separated, Tae Hoon began hearing rumors of Hyo Won being bullied and excluded in class, but whenever Taw Hoon confronted him on it, he always shrugged it off as nothing. He then breaks into tears and admits that Young Woo was with him when he feel, but was frozen in fear from Hyo Won's spirit.

Baram meets up with Young Woo on the street and begins rifling through his files, looking for the video that Young Woo captured of Hyo Won's death. He leaves saying that sometimes, no matter how scared you are, you will have to be brave and tells Young Woo to send him the video after programming his number into his phone.