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Si Mun is on the phone with Kang Do, and Kang Do explains that there have been several incidents of falling injuries at the school, beginning with the suicide of Hyo Wan Kim, and Kang Do tells him to check his email for the rest of the details.

Tenka is interviewing school girls who tell him that the first victim of the series of falls saw Hyo Won's bloodied ghost just before his accident. They also reveal that Tae Hoon Oh was one of Hyo Won's best friends, as well as a boy named Young Woo Nam, whom Hyo Won is supposedly protecting.

Si Mun and Tenka then go to visit Young Woo at the infirmary, also wondering where the blue haired boy is, saying that he knows more than he lets on. Young Woo hears them talking and hides under the bed before they manage to get to his bedside. There, Hyo Won appears before him and asks where Young Woo was when he died.