Chapter 008


Chapter 8
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Si Mun is having a dream about his grandmother. She repeats that she is sorry for involving him in this supernatural world, and begins to fade away. Si Mun reaches out for her, but wakes up to Tenka standing over him. Tenka explains that he was the one who brought Si Mun home and tells Si Mun that he can ask him whatever he wants.

Tenka reveals that because there has been such an increase in ghosts and supernatural incidents in Korea, he searched out Si Mun's grandmother, but after discovering that both she and her son had died, Tenka found Si Mun. He then asks if Si Mun would be interested in starting a partnership, one that would help to prevent and put an end to these dangerous spiritual occurrences. His response is that he is too busy and isn't ready.

He explains on his way to work that he is afraid that his grandmother might blame herself for the danger he would put himself in and that he might've made a mistake with Gae Yeun Chae.