Chapter 007


Chapter 7
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Hwang Sung Chae remembers the times of his daughter while she was alive and happy as he lay unconscious on the ground. Si Mun asks Tenka to take care of him after explaining that he is the one responsible for killing the ghost. Ga Yeun charges up, expending flames from her body and raves that her father needs to die, that he deserves to die. Si Mun fights back with his own powers.

Tenka wakes Hwang Sung up and he tells Ga Yeun to stop when she begins to strangle Si Mun. He begins to apologize, blaming himself for everything, but Ga Yeun says that both he and Si Mun should go to Hell together. Si Mun, in an effort to save them both, releases an electric charge that causes Ga Yeon to ascend. Her lasts words to her father were "I have to get revenge. I need to kill."

Hwang Sung is still apologizing, so Si Mun tells him that in order to receive forgiveness, he must repent his sins. He then tells Tenka that he is grateful for his help and then collapses.

A butterfly flies overhead and then shatters.